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MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, is commonly referred to as a SARM, a selective androgen receptor modulator, but it is actually a Growth Hormone secretagogue, stimulates the pitutary gland to secrete GH.

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1. Application

A potent, non-peptide ghrelin receptor agonist

2. CAS


3. Molar Mass

528.662 g/mol

4. Storage 

Minimize open air exposure, store in a cool dry place. This product is hygroscopic. It can absorb moisture from the air and form hard clumps.

5. Solubility

Soluble in Water, Ethanol, PEG400

6. Physical Form

Soluble in Water, Ethanol, PEG400

7.  Specification

Capsule: (25mg per capsule | Total 45 Capsules)
Liquid: (25mg/mL | Total 30ml)

MK-677 Structure

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